Acupuncture is the most famous technique of Traditional Chinese Medicine. With acupuncture the doctor affects the organs from the outside
A tiny thin needle enters via the “opening” of the acupuncture meridian point. After skin disinfection the acupuncturist’s removes the needle fast and virtually painless. After that, the patient experiences a light tingling sensation on that spot, or in other places in the body which makes contact with the meridian. The acupuncturist can promote or mitigating the flow of Qi, depending on the situation.


Cupping (put cups) is a method in which a cup made of glass, bamboo or pottery is applied to the skin surface. Through the head to be heated momentarily, or by squeezing the ball creates a vacuum force, also locally to the skin. The goal is to expel Wind-cold, and in order to eliminate blood stagnation and pain. After a cupping treatment can be local to see a red spot. This is a normal phenomenon, which will disappear after a few days. After the redness disappeared will occur, there is an improvement of the symptoms. Chinese medicine considers this redness as local blood stagnation.


Moxa is a treatment method with moxa where certain points are stimulated by heat. This can be done by burning moxa on the needle, or by having a moxa-sticky to heat a given area. Moxa is Chinese mugwort herb, sometimes there are some other herbs. Whether or not to apply moxa depends on your symptoms