1. Consulting 35

  2. Repeated consultation 15

  3. Chinese Herbs ( Price per unit)  15 up to  25

  4. Single (1) consult acupuncture   50

  5. Double(2) consult acupuncture  90

  6. Quadruple (4) consult acupuncture  160

  7. Octuple (8) consult acupuncture 280

  8. Cupping  40


I am a member of the Dutch Association for Acupuncture zhong. As a result , most insurers reimburse the treatments from the supplementary insurance. Be sure to look equally in the policy to ensure reimbursement , or contact with the health insurer.

For more information on fees you can also check out the website . You can find the information under the heading ‘ insurers that reimburse expenses .

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For a treatment at the acupuncturist you do not need a referral from your GP.