Dr. Qiu

Dr. Qiu is considered an absolute expert in traditional Chinese medicine. He has received training from highly regarded doctors with many generations of experience. He enjoys general recognition both in China and in Europe.

Dr. Qiu has more than 50 years of experience in practicing traditional Chinese medicine. He has had his own clinic in the Netherlands for over 30 years. He has a very rich clinical experience in a variety of specialties. Because of his knowledge and experience, he is known to colleagues in the Netherlands, Europe and China as a good diagnostics.

Dr. Qiu has a thorough knowledge and experience in the entire medical field. However, he is particularly good at treating skin complaints, and abdominal and intestinal complaints. He is also very adept at healing rheumatic problems and symptoms of the respiratory tract. In addition, he has a great deal of experience in pain relief for the incurable.

It is important to mention that many patients in Dutch hospitals are considered ‘treated’, while they still have complaints. These are then very difficult symptoms. For those symptoms, they are with Dr. Qiu is at the right place! With his knowledge and experiences he can really make a difference for these patients.